A fresh start for Tsipouro Pilavas


The distillery PILAVAS dynamically relaunches with a new, communicative concept, the tsipouro PILAVAS. The central idea of communication is the notion of beginning. Because everything started from the beginning… Beginning with the new, distinctive green packaging, beginning with the selection and renewal of grape varieties, but also with the distillation, care, and passion.


This new, unprecedented taste experience wants to transmit now the Tsipouro PILAVAS with the same enthusiasm to every connoisseur and make them feel like the first time. Discovering tsipouro from the beginning, while creating, at the same time, a worthy new success story for tsipouro PILAVAS from the beginning.

You can watch our TV spot through the frequencies of: Mega, Open, Alpha, Skai.

For the implementation of the campaign, the following collaborated:

Spylios Mouzoulas: Creative Director

Natasa Theochari: Production Manager

Efthimis Theodosios: Direction

FYI marketing house: Media plan

Linear: Digital Μarketing Strategy